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Double-Layer Storage Tanks

Price range: 4000USD-Customization

Capacity: 20~35 m3
Min. Order: 1 Pcs
Lead time: 20 days
Warranty: one year
Production standard: ISO container
Place of Origin: Shandong, China

Double-layer oil storage tanks, also known as double-walled tanks, have several features that make them a safer and more environmentally friendly option than single-layer tanks:

1. Dual layers: Double-layer tanks have two layers of material, typically made of steel or fiberglass. The inner tank is the primary container for holding the oil, while the outer tank serves as a secondary containment system in case of a leak or failure in the inner tank.

2. Leak detection: Some double-layer tanks are equipped with leak detection systems that can detect leaks in the inner tank and alert the operator before a spill occurs. This allows for early intervention and prevention of environmental damage.

3. Corrosion protection: Double-layer tanks are typically coated with materials that protect against corrosion and environmental damage, extending their lifespan and reducing the risk of failure.

4. Spill containment: The outer tank serves as a secondary containment system, preventing spilled oil or other liquids from escaping into the environment.

5. Compliance: Many jurisdictions require double-layer tanks for storing certain types of petroleum products, such as gasoline and diesel fuel, to reduce the risk of environmental contamination.

6. Easy maintenance: Double-layer tanks are designed for easy maintenance and inspection, allowing for quick identification and repair of any problems.

7. Environmental protection: Double-layer tanks help protect the environment by reducing the risk of leaks and spills, which can cause significant environmental damage.

Overall, double-layer oil storage tanks provide an added layer of protection against leaks and spills, making them a safer and more environmentally friendly option than single-layer tanks.